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Volunteer Turf LLC is located in Friendsville, Tennessee. Conveniently located between Knoxville and Maryville, we are not only ideally located to deliver sod to Knoxville and the surrounding areas quickly but we also take advantage of East Tennessee’s best environment for growing turf grasses in the United States.
Turf baseball field service
Turf baseball field service

Types of Sod We Offer

We carry only the highest quality.

John Deere Select Fescue is a turf-type blended tall, fine fescue grass grown from seed.

This is quality fescue that grows well in all areas of fescue adaptation. Volunteer Turf LLC hand-picks fescue varieties each year to provide you with sod that has the best heat, drought, and disease resistances available.

In addition to the benefits all tall, fine fescue grass varieties have, John Deere Select Fescue has superior brown patch resistance, exceptional salt tolerance, and a much stronger shade tolerance. John Deere Select Fescue is by far the most popular turf grass choice in the East Tennessee area.

Residential or commercial turf

Parks and cemeteries

Recreational and sports turf

Stays green year round

Golf course roughs or bunkers

Roadsides and airport runways

z-52 services
Turf and Sod Services in Maryville TN

Also called Z-52, this grass variety is an improved cultivar of Zoysia japonica. It has a medium, dark-green color with intermediate leaf texture and shoot density.

It is the most cold tolerant zoysia grass, and is grown as far north as Pennsylvania and Missouri. This is the zoysia grass often advertised as the super grass in newspapers and magazines

Meyer can be established using plugs, sprigs, or sod and is excellent for lawns. It grows in semi-shaded areas, yet thrives in full sun light.

Dense turf prevents development of weeds

Very green turf in the summer

Pest and disease resistant

Excellent hot and cold tolerances

Stands up to foot traffic

Slow growth rate = less mowing

Lower need of water than fescue grass

Tifton 419 Bermuda is a very dense and fine textured hybrid Bermuda grass. It is low growing and spreads rapidly. Its density, fine texture and soft blades provide a soft cushion in which to walk and play.

This hybrid Bermuda grass is highly disease resistant with a very dark green color. Consequently, it maintains a desirable green color longer, with less nitrogen requirements than most other selections. It is also more frost resistant than other Bermuda grasses. As a result, it will remain greener deeper into the fall months.

Tifton 419 is more resistant to sod web worm and mole cricket attacks. Because of its extreme denseness, it is more weed resistant than most Bermuda grasses. Tifton 419 never produces seed, so it must be propagated by sprigs or sod. Recommended for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, parks and athletic fields.

Deep green color

Fine texture

Excellent impact-absorbing cushion

Stands up well to foot traffic

Thrives in full sun

tifton turf and sod service

Holds up to

pets and foot traffic


pick-up, delivery and installation

We sell to a variety of customers that include landscape professionals, commercial builders, golf courses, athletic fields, cemeteries and more.

Turf and Sod Services in TN
Turf and Sod Services in Blount TN


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